Cheri Herouard

Cheri Herouard (1881-1961) became famous with his illustrations for magazines like La Via Parisienne, he worked 45 years for this magazine. Less known was he also illustrated as spanking artist for numerous erotica and spanking novels. He used the pseudonym Herric for these artworks.

Novels he illustrated:

Leurs pantalons by Jacques Mauvain pulished around 1911/1927
– Matée par le fouet by Jean Martinet published in 1930
– Cinglants châtiments by Walter Flog published in 1932
– Pantalons sans défense by Jean Claqueret published in 1938
– L’ écrin du rubis by Liane Delorys published in 1939
– L’Infernale fouetteuse by André Vergereau

All these can be found at Vintage Fetish Art. As a special there is a (limited) download available with 69 images from the books: L’ ecrin du rubis, Pantalons sans Defens, L’Infernale fouetteuse, Le Libertinage du Retrousse, Les Confidences de Cherubin and Cinglants Chatiments.


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