Bill Ward Spanking Art

William Hess Ward (1919 - 1998) known as Bill Ward, was an American cartoonist notable as a good girl artist and creator of the risqué comics character Torchy. Ward drew spanking toons for Humorama. He derived some of the spanking poses from late 1940s issues of glamor magazines like Beauty Parade. (see this blog for... Continue Reading →

Unique Spanking Postcards

Whenever I can find the time I try to create spanking postcards with vintage art, these are obvious one of a kind. You can purchase these via Fine Art America. Here is a small collection I very much like to share with you, for every image follow the link to view available formats (some are... Continue Reading →

Prints by Gaston Smit

Illustrations by Gaston Smit for the books Les Menages Modernes (1912), L’etrange Aventure De Miss Alice Simpson (1922) and Visites fantastiques au pays du fouet (1922)

Bent over

Original artprint from 1940 by Umberto Brunelleschi, click here for product page and priceFind more original erotic art prints from this artist here

Hard to neglect

Who could resist such a view? And after it's done he will hold on to his bottom for sure (as seen below).The artworks done by LivingHorus, and available as art print. Click on the images to view more details.

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