In the Eye of the Artist (volume 1 and 2)

BDSM is not a recent invention. It exists already since quite a long time… The dominant men and submissive women and their erotic games. Somebody should whip your ass. This is the big headline of this picture book. Punishment through whipping and spanking. Beautiful girls get their backsides spanked. This compilation shows drawings and sketches, which address this fetish and this speciality of erotic games. These pictures do not hang in the great museums and the great artists have never had any interest in this kind of themes. You´ll see the unknown artists who wanted to express their emotions in these pictures. Sometimes just a few strokes with a pencil, sometimes in thick strokes with often morbid atmospheres. Most of these images are already quite old, because nowadays the photography has replaced paintings from this niche. Nevertheless, these works have a very special attraction.

Corporal Punishment 1: In the Eye of Artists (Volume 1) and Corporal Punishment 2 are  published by Jürgen Prommersberger

Artworks presented in this book are for example from Gaston Smit, Louis Malteste, Cheri Herouard, all of these artworks (and their work) can be found at Vintage Fetish Art.

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