About this site

This blog is a follow up for my art site Secrets Bdsm Art, but then totally focused on spanking art. All artwork is either added with permission from the artist or is vintage art considered to be in the public domain.

I invest my time to built a free and well visited platform for artists to showcase their spanking art and for visitors to enjoy art and learn about the artists and their work. Via the menu you can browse through Modern Spanking Art, Vintage Spanking Art, Artwork from Anonymous Artists (vintage). Then there are also some special galleries, books and art for sale for you to browse.

Artists are invited to contact me whenever you would like to get show your spanking art. I have a few conditions however:
– I don’t allow art involving children getting spanked
– The art needs to be focused on Spanking, a little sidetheme is ok but the main art to show at my blog needs to be about spanking
– I prefer it when you allow me to select the artworks to present here, that way I can make sure there is a large variety in spanking art to be shown

Please read more about adding your art at the Artist Invitation.

For any questions be sure to contact me, I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do.