Rumateastorian is a artist living in Russia, a little older then 30 years. He began to study drawing when he bought a wacom tablet in 2013. Rumateastorian is a businessman, married with an interest in bdsm and spanking.

I asked him some more about his interest in creating spanking art. He told me he was always interested in drawing but did not realize it. As a kid he tried to draw, kink related as well, later he tried as well but he never thought about it as serious business. He worked as a designer but did not draw, two years ago he tried again to draw on a Wacom Bamboo tablet. Looking at several tutorials, asking his own employee to instruct him a little, he evolved.

Creating an account at Deviant Art allowed him to connect with other artists, to provide him with more challenges he started to do commissions. Before this he did a lot of art trades, because it was interested for him to draw the ideas of others and that way learn and evolve as artist.

After half a year he got his first commision. And today he shows a wide variety in spanking artworks.  Enjoy this new gallery I was allowed to built for him, you can also find an older one I had shared in 2014.

More art can  be found on his portfolio’s on Tumblr & Deviant Art

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