Mixed Spanking Art for Sale

Sometimes I cannot resist to browse and seek unknown spanking art. Some artists are dedicated to creating spanking art, while others occasionally explore this fetish (in creating art). Enjoy this special collection. Click the text below the artworks to view details, products and price. Art by Kinky ABCArt by WerewolfkingArt by LyssaniArt by Goddess187Art by... Continue Reading →


PassionateShadow is  a young artist who's dream it is to create stories and art and bring them to life in ways the artist has only dreamed of before. The artist's end goals are to create content worthy enough to be made in to publicized media like cartoons or movies or even video-games. The artist is... Continue Reading →

Unique Spanking Postcards

Whenever I can find the time I try to create spanking postcards with vintage art, these are obvious one of a kind. You can purchase these via Fine Art America. Here is a small collection I very much like to share with you, for every image follow the link to view available formats (some are... Continue Reading →


Amoxes is a very talented artist, Canadian of mixed backgrounds. His family roots & strong interest in every culture from around the world inspired him in many ways. Which shows in his artwork. After spending years of exploring, practicing and studying different styles and techniques, it shows Amoxes has a very nice style of his... Continue Reading →

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