Les Mains Cheries

These artworks are by Louis Malteste, illustrated for the book Les Mains Cheries, published in 1927. To view all 16 artworks, in large format and available to download go here.

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  1. Dear Brigitte,

    Thank you for your comment. To add sites to my blogroll I need something in return, I noticed you have not yet installed a widget with links to other blogs. If you do so and add mine there then I will add your blog here as well.

    All 12 artworks for Joues Cramoisies can be found at Vintage Fetish Art. You need to be a member though to be able to view and download all art in large format. Which is a very small price for access to a really large and unique collection vintage spanking art.

    See these links:

    Enjoy your day


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