On this easy monday morning I decided to do a little browsing for you and find some nice spanking artworks that are up for sale. The art in this post is for sale only for a few days, should you be interested be sure to click the photo and view the auction details, also you can view in larger format.

This first atwork is by Milo Manara, it is a serigraph on premium cardboard by the master of Italian erotic comics.
This copy is even more valuable, because it has the author’s original signature in full.

Art by Milo Manara

Art is all about how it reflects your own feelings and innerlife. For me this artwork from Ygor has a very strong spanking suggestion in it.

Signed painting by Ygor

I can imagine a spanker gets turned on, or really motivated 😉 when seeing a nice behind in lovely lingerie.

Original artwork by Gosha

An inspection can be part of any spanking, before, after or even during a spanking

Original and signed pastel by Necos

Some poses are an invitation to spank don’t you think?

Original and signed art by Rene Prudlo